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K. D. Timmerhaus

Invited Papers.- Cryogenics and National Goals.- A Review of the Potential of Liquid-Methane Fuel for Supersonic Transports.- Slush and Subcooled Propellants for Lunar and Interplanetary Missions.- Thermodynamic Properties.- Equilibrium Gas-Phase Compositions of Ethane and Ethylene in Binary Mixtures with Helium and Neon below 150 K and a Correlation for Deviations from the Geometric Mean Combining Rule.- The Kinetics of Adsorption of Methane and Nitrogen from Hydrogen Gas.- Benedict-Webb-Rubin Equation of State for Methane at Cryogenic Conditions.- A New Calorimeter for the Accurate Determination of the Enthalpy of Pressurized Fluids down to 160 R.- Properties of Materials.- Simultaneous Measurement of Young s Modulus and Shear Modulus at Low Temperatures.- Tensile Properties and Notch Toughness of Groove Welds in Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Low-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Welded and Brazed Copper.- Superconductivity.- A High Field Magnet Combining Superconductors with Water-Cooled Conductors.- Large Superconducting Baseball Magnet.- Testing Composite Superconductor for the LRL Baseball Magnet.- Transient Response and Stability Limits of Superconducting Composite Wire Following a Flux Jump.- Flux-Flow Studies and Stability Criteria of Nb-Ti Strips.- The Transition to Current-Sharing in Composite Conductors.- Stability of Internally Cooled Superconductors.- Effects of Nucleate Cooling Limits on the Performance of Small Ti-Nb Solenoids.- Heat Transfer.- Non-Boiling and Film Boiling Heat Transfer to a Saturated Bath of Liquid Helium.- Boiling Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Liquid Helium-I under Forced Circulation in a Helically Coiled Tube.- Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer from an Oscillating Sphere in Liquid Nitrogen.- A Miniature Heat Exchanger for Simultaneous Para-Orthohydrogen Conversion and Heat Transfer.- Note on Heat Exchanger Design for Cryogenic Propellant Tanks.- A Compact Perforated-Plate Heat Exchanger.- Insulation.- Analytical Models for Airborne-Cryogenic-Insulation Thermal Performance.- Evaluation of an Externally Insulated Spacecraft Dewar.- Experimental Determination of Thermal Accommodation Coefficients.- Thermal Diffusivity of Powder Insulation.- Predictions of the Total Emissivity of Metals at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Radiative Characteristics of Cryodeposits for Room Temperature Black Body Radiation.- Fluid Dynamics.- Thermal Stratification in Closed Cryogenic Containers.- Approximate Criterion for Prediction of Flow Oscillations in Supercritical Fluid Heat Exchangers.- The Interaction of Control Valves with Oscillations Generated in a Large Water to Hydrogen Heat Exchanger.- Cavitation in Liquid Cryogens.- An Investigation of the Effects of Spatial, Thermal, and Velocity Inhomogeneities on Two-Phase, Single Component Cryogenic Choked Flow.- Two-Phase (Liquid-Vapor), Mass-Limiting Flow with Hydrogen and Nitrogen.- Instrumentation.- Cryogenic Flow Research Facility of the National Bureau of Standards.- Prelaunch Slush Hydrogen Loading Factors Affecting Instrumentation and Control.- Use of Capacitance Level Gauging for Prelaunch Loading of Slush Hydrogen.- Progress on Cryogenic Thermocouples.- Fluid Phase and Temperature Measurement with a Single Sensor.- Lighting in Cryogenic and Noncryogenic Fluids.- Refrigeration Systems.- An Analysis of the Stirling-Cycle Refrigerator.- Steady-State Operation of the Idealized Vuilleumier Refrigerator.- Compact Cryogenic Thermal Regenerator Performance.- Free Displacer Refrigeration.- Dynamical Effects of the Rhombic Drive for Miniature Cooling Engines.- Development of a Practical Thermodynamic Cycle for a Space-Borne Hydrogen Reliquefier.- A 3.6 K Reciprocating Refrigerator.- Development of Novel Gas Bearing Supported Cryogenic Expansion Turbines.- Miniature Cryogenic Refrigerator Turboalternators.- Control System for Temperatures and Liquid Level between 4.2 and 1 K.- Closed-Cycle Refrigerators for Hydrogen Targets.- Cryogenic Systems.- Solidified Oxygen for Breathing in Space.- Slush Hydrogen Pumping Characteristics Using a Centrifugal-Type Pump.- Test Results of a Zero-Gravity Cryogenic Phase Separator.- Hydrogen Peroxide Motor Exhaust Heating to Components at Cryogenic Temperatures in the Vacuum of Space.- Investigation of Propagation Failures of Flexible Linear Shaped Charges at Cryogenic Temperatures.- The Behavior of Typical Liquid Hydrogen Target Systems under Simulated Failure Modes.

The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information Cryogenic Engineering Conferences …

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[PDF] Advances In Cryogenic Engineering … Download advances in cryogenic engineering materials ebook free in PDF and EPUB Format. advances in cryogenic engineering materials also available in docx and mobi. Read advances in cryogenic engineering materials online, read in mobile or Kindle.